all tech is frankenstein

Coding in PHP reminds me of Frankenstein. Especially whenever you inject it into HTML. The verb itself is so medical: inject. The HTML is no longer HTML but HTML injected with PHP: a Frankenstein monster, a Borg. It looks grotesque but it works.

But maybe all coding and tech is Frankensteinian. The original novel is a hodgepodge of perspectives and styles, the form of the narrative reflecting the form of Frankenstein’s monster. Note that the novel in question is also the first modern science fiction novel. Not only does it describe technology, it is technology.

Also, the more I get into group software development using git, the more Frankensteinian the code gets. All code is not only a hodgepodge of different languages, it’s also a hodgepodge of creators—again, not dissimilar to the monster, who was stitched together from different bodies.

Where does this analogy lead us? Our humanity, grotesque as its container may be, is still our humanity. Love your code. It is by us and of us. And it will come back to haunt us.

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